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The most award wining cultivation in Alaska, with 6 NorthWest Cannabis Classic Trophies, 4 NWCC medals, and a Hightimes Cannabis Cup for best Sativa in Alaska's first High Times Competition. We offer a wide variety of custom bred genetics and elite clone only's from around the world, representing some of the best strains in the Pacific NorthWest. We use our unique genetics bred in house so that we can create a specific strain menu that offers a wide range of effects and flavors.  Inspired by our in house breeder's fight with autoimmune disease, our personalized strain catalog is the result of many years of trial and error eliminating and acquiring different genetics so that we could find the best strains for us and our customer's cannabis needs.  

In an effort to constantly improve our product, and find new flavors and effects, we continue to breed and pheno hunt for excellence. Come in to our shop The Frost Farms (www.thefrostfarms.com) and try one of our award winning strains for yourself, or follow along with our search as we select new genetics and cultivate new strains at www.instagram.com/the.frostfam    All of our in house strains will  become available for purchase at the Frost Farms after they are run in the grow facility for a period of time to be determined by their popularity and uniqueness.


We pride ourselves in our genetics  and offer a variety of our strains at our retail store, The Frost Farms, located at 8535 Dimond D Cir. in South Anchorage.

Housed in a small walk in room on site, sizes will range from; fresh cut stems, newly rooted clones, and, well rooted teens that can be taken home and are ready for your home grow, or commercial cultivation. 

Plants can be custom ordered for anyone from cultivators looking to stock a Limited Cultivation License, to a walk in customer with a request.  

We offer a range of high quality Alaskan, Californian, and European cannabis genetics from trusted brands and cannabis geneticists, including our own team of breeders.   

For custom orders or our available clones come see us at The Frost Farms in South Anchorage 

Flower Production

We cultivate our own genetics for our flower production, along with several famous elite clone only genetics from California and the surrounding PNW.  These are some of the highest quality cannabis phenotype selections in the world, tracked down by us after years of studying and collecting cannabis seeds and clones.  We believe these to be the highest quality cannabis plants, producing the best available flower product in Alaska's recreational cannabis market. 

Find these fine flowers at The Frost Farms  (8535 W. Dimond D Cir. Anchorage, AK) and Enlightened AK (2600 Spenard Rd. Anchorage AK)

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