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We use unique genetics bred in house.  We have a stable of tested and proven studs, with a  range of flavors and flower characteristics.  Because we are constantly pursuing our version of perfection in the cannabis plant, we are always searching for new male and female phenotype selections, in order to broaden our range of cannabis offerings.  


Starting this spring, we will offer a wide variety of cannabis genetics at our retail store, The Frost Farms, located at 8535 Dimond D Cir. 

Our clones will be housed in a small walk in room as you enter the premises, sizes will range from fresh cut stems, newly rooted clones, and teens that can be taken home and are ready for an immediate initiation of their bloom cycle.  

Plants can be custom ordered from cultivators to stock a Limited Cultivation license that wants to get rid of its veg area, to a walk in customer with a request.  

We offer a range of PNW, California, and European  cannabis genetics from trusted brands and cannabis geneticists, including our own breeding work.  

Most strains that are from our custom, in house bred catalogue, currently producing flower for sale, are not always available for clones, but will be released at a later date as we select new genetics for our flower rooms.  

So, if you see something you like, tell a bud tender and we will notify you when the strain is made available to the public.   

Flower Production

We grow our own genetics for flower production, along with several famous elite clone only genetics from the PNW and California.  These are some of the highest quality cannabis phenotype selections in the world,tracked down by us after years of studying and collecting cannabis seeds and clones.  We believe these to be the highest of quality cannabis plants, producing the best available flower product in Alaska's recreational cannabis market. 

Find these fine flowers at Enlighten Alaska in Anchorage, AK, and soon at our own rebel location starting this spring. off of Dimond Blvd.

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