The Frost Frontier Seed Catalogue

Arctic Valley Blueberry

Blueberry Cookies elite x Alaskan Blackberry 

Arctic Valley Blueberry is a heavy fruit flavored indica hybrid. It has a bushy structure with an intermixing of thin and fat bladed leaves.  Consistent cola formation is good for finding pheno types that are useful for commercial production as well as the experimental home grower looking for that next new plant to try and also needs to get out a lot of material from their room. 

Spenard OG Kush

Sour OG Kush elite x Alaskan Blackberry

Or first OG Kush cross to offer, and we are excited to have found a heavily terped out mother, full of sour candy and kush smells. She also knows how to produce, and is an excellent commercial OG strain that we run in our cultivation.

The male Alaskan Blackberry offers a mix of canopy colors ranging from the blackberry purple of a cold weather indica, to the more rare black fade of it's obama Kush mother.  

The combination of these two proven plants will make for a keeper in your home grow, or a commercial setting with unique smells and colors that are hard to find in other plants.  

Alaskan Scout

Emerald Cookies x Alaskan Blackberry

A combination of a collection of all the best things we love about the cannabis we grow.  

The Emerald Cookies is a cross between our Girl Scout Cookie male and a cut called Emerald Jack.  This was a seed release from the early 2000s between Jack Herrer and Emerald Triangle OG Kush.  The Emerald Jack was one of the best production plants we hda ever grown, smelled like menthol Jack Herrer, and had a decent amount of resin coverage forma  flwer that was so large and fluffy.  

Adding the Girl Scout Cookies to the Emerald Jack tightened up its large buds, added some funk to the mentho Jack terpine profile, and gave us some amazing late flowering fades of red and pink, with a  touch of black in some rare phenos.  

By adding our Alaskan Blackberry stud to the mix we are hoping to tame the structure of this sativa dominant hybrid cross, and give it some progeny consistency by adding a solid dominant genetic.  

Obama Kush IX

One of our first in crosses, this Obama Kush IX is a good choice for anyone that is curious about the obama Kush elite, or wants to grow a consistant cold weather kush plant that has a variety of terpine options, that will be found on a symmetrical, bushy structure, good for managing a home grow crop, or filling tables in a commercial facility.  Yields are decent, with a consistency across phenos that you can only get in an in bred line.