Custom Bred Genetics and Elites from The Frost Frontier

Grapefruit Juice

High Times Award winning, "Best Sativa" 2018 Alaska, this cross of "Grapefruit Skunk" (skunk #1 x original grapefruit) to our in house Cookie male, makes for a heavily trichomed flower that smells strongly of tart grapefruit, with a mind numbing high. A strong whiff of this flower feels like taking a huge gulp of grapefruit juice straight from the jug.  

Clones available at The Frost Farms, call for availability.  

Blue Berry Cookies

"Blueberry Cookies"  is an elite girl scout cookie cross made up of DJ Short's F14 Blueberry and one of the elite GSC cuts.   The most berry dominant cookie cut we have, this flower smells like fruity hard candy and taste like a blueberry muffin.  Sativa effects from the blue berry, originally made up of Thai seed stock in the late 70's, this is a classic cookie version that represents the best of Oregon cannabis breeding here in a Alaska.  

Chem Cookies

The dense flowers from this Girl Scout Cookie and Chem91 cross are heavily coated, creating a strong gas smell that fills the nostrils and is followed by a subtle hint of dough and cookie softness. There are 2 phenos of this F1 hybrid available from The Frost Frontier, the chem dominant pheno has green flower and smells strongly of pump gasoline.  The green pheno has been a crowd favorite in Anchorage since 2017, and the newer version we are releasing has a more cookie dominant flower that smells more of cookie dough and petrol than just straight fuel.  It has a black fade and is covered in frost, and is reffered to as the "Eskimo Dawg" cut.  

Alaskan Blackberry

A heavy blast of berry and kush dankness, this cross between Obama Kush and Blackberry OG kush male (elite PNW Blackberry Kush x OG Kush male selection) has become one of the most infamous strains in the PNW. The dark purple and pink speckled flowers look beautiful as bagged up flower or in a gold, fruit flavored extract.  Best indica 2016 North West Cannabis Classic Anchorage, this strain is growing in popularity and can be found in recreational cultivations throughout Oregon and we are excited to bring it to recreational Alaskan users in it's home state. 

Clones available at The Frost Farms, call for availability.  

Berry Breath

Best in show and best hybrid North West Cannabis Classic 2015, this OGKB girl scout cookie and OG kush crossed to the PNW Blackberry Kush created one of the frostiest and strongest flowers we have grown.  The terpine profile is a complex combination of dough from the girl scout cookies, and a petrol gas smell from its OG kush linage that comes from both parents ancestral trees. 

Clones available at The Frost Farms, call for availability.  

Purple Punch

This cut came to us the week before we moved into the cultivation facility, one of the newest hottest cuts in the states, we feel blessed to offer the Purple Punch "alpha" cut. Originating in Souther California and made famous by the Jungle Boys, this cross of Grandaddy Purple to Larry OG has a fuel and berry funk and is more coated with resin glands than any flower we have ever seen.  A mellow high that can easily lead to strain lock, the punch is one of the most calming smoke options in our arsenal.  Try this now to get a taste of the pop culture cannabis scene from SoCal, or smoke it to get the most calming high you can find in our lineup, either way, purple punch is bound to become one of your new favorites.  

The Frost family

Animal Cookies

This elite clone only cookies comes originates form california in the bay area, where the cookies where originally made.  This cut was held tightly for years by bay area cultivators who were hyping the cookies across the west coast.  These clone only elites have not yet made it to alaska in other hands, but we are excited to be able to offer our customers a true girl scout cookie experience in the form of our legendary Animal Cookies.  


A combination of OG Kush crosse starting with Archive Seed's High Octane OG x Face Off OG BX1 crossed to our Baked Alaska male (animal cookies x alaskan blackberry).  This strain has a variety of OG funk terps and sour sweaty socks, combined with the fruity profile of the Alaskan Blackberry, which makes for a pungent Funk of berries and OG.  THe yeild on this strain is lower than average, but the density of these rock hard flowers makes up for it.  If you like a strong high from a heady OG, this is the smoke for you.  

Blue Cheese Triffle

Blue Cheese Triffle is a cross between the dutch Blue Cheese to our Blackberry OG male.  The blueberry and cheese profiles dominate the terpines, and the fluffy buds smoke like a sativa with both skunk and blueberry parentage, being more uplifting and mentally stimulating than our average hybrid.